How to Sell

Selling Your HOME

When you are deciding to sell your home, you have to consider 3 major factors which are economic factors, market conditions and sales price. They are mainly playing major roles to get your home sold. We are not your typical real estate company or Florida Realtor® and do so much more than just slap your listing into the multiple listing service. We know the market and analyze the best marketing methods to help you to sell your home rather than just wait and see while your home is sitting on the market.

When we price your home, we are actually pricing it to sell three times. The first time we are selling it to the Real Estate agents, who are searching the MLS looking for properties for their buyer. The second time is for the actual buyer, so that when they drive up to your house, they say, “Wow, I want to step inside this home. This is the perfect house for me.” They become attached to your home and they feel it is worth what you listed it for. The third time we sell your house to the appraiser at the bank which is the most important one, because if the property doesn’t appraise, then we have a problem.

When you list with us, you get a company, USCO CAPITAL GROUP is working for you that has a great reputation in the real estate community. You get a team of highly trained and motivated professional consultants. You get state-of-the-art technology to analyze, market, and sell your home.

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